Rome, more than any other city in Italy, became the seat of the main companies involved in technology, research, energy, real estate acquisitions, food and consumables, and is also a key center for Banks, Insurance Companies and to establish useful relations with institutional decision makers. The Studio Di Maria provides a strategic and integrated legal assistance to customers who are looking for profitable investments in the Italian market having extensive experience in the legal reality of the business world affected by ongoing legislative and regulatory changes. The firm supports customers in taking important decisions on long term strategy whose success requires careful planning of business activities.

The firm assists clients in identifying business challenges faced by developing strategies that lead to their success.

The challenges are addressed from the perspective of a customer using technical and legal knowledge to help him find a solution to the problems with which we must confront.

Clients of the firm not only expect sophisticated legal information and advice. They want reliable assessments that can be used practically and require, on the part of the person who has a deep knowledge of the business sector in which they operate.

The main areas of activity of the firm are:

  •   Corporate and Commercial law
  •   Civil law
  •   Real Estate law
  •   Constitutional and Administrative law
  •   EU law
  •   Intellectual Property law
  •   Corporate Crimes
  •   Criminal law
  •   Tax offenses
  •   Litigation and Arbitration